Colman Associates for improved quality management RCM and improved asset performance


As a member of the Aladon network we provide RCM training so that clients can achieve RCM cost effectiveness through cost effective asset management

The principal activity of Colman Associates is the transfer of the RCM 2 technology to our clients; to develop their RCM capability and to enable them to apply the RCM process themselves.
To achieve this objective, Colman Associates offers a comprehensive array of RCM support services, developed in association with the late John Moubray.

  • RCM Training
  • RCM Consulting
  • Contract RCM Facilitation


Our RCM courses are continuously being developed and refined to incorporate the very latest in RCM thinking. The courses are led by tutors who have undertaken the most intensive formal RCM capability development programme on the planet. Our training programmes include the following : -

  • a three day RCM introductory course
  • a capability development programme for RCM facilitators which combines ten days formal training with on site mentoring
  • a one day seminar designed for senior executives, to examine the key principles of asset management strategy formulation

1. A Three Day RCM Introductory Course

The 3 day course provides a basic introduction to the concept and practice of RCM. The content is suitable for operations, maintenance, safety, environmental, quality. finance, and design personnel at all levels of the organisation. This course is intended for managers responsible for applying the RCM process, auditing the results, and providing the resources required to apply the process; the people who participate in the RCM review groups - in short, anyone who needs a basic introduction to the RCM process. It is essential that all facilitators delegate attend this course prior to the ten day facilitator course.

The 3 day course is usually conducted on an in house basis for up to 16 people.

2. Facilitator Competency Development

There are 45 key skills that RCM facilitators require before they can be relied upon to apply the RCM process consistently, to produce safe, defensible asset management programmes. The facilitator competency development process combines a ten day formal training course followed by on site mentoring to ensure that facilitators are competent in all 45 skills.

3. One Day Seminar for Senior Executives

We offer a one day seminar to introduce senior executives (chief executives, general managers, directors of all disciplines and plant managers) to the reality of physical asset management in the twenty first century. It dispels many of the traditional, long held views and myths that exist with regard to asset management and maintenance management in particular. Delegates will be better informed and capable of making decisions that will add significantly to the value added by physical and human assets and their contribution to the business.


This on site support takes two forms : -

  • Technical support
  • Consulting support

Technical Support

Our consultants assist your facilitators, review groups and RCM auditors apply RCM correctly, ensuring that your organisation derives the greatest and widest benefit from the RCM process. This assistance is part of the facilitator competency development programme.

Consulting Support

Our consultants help your managers to decide where RCM will be of the greatest benefit to your organisation. From Planning and Resource Evaluation to Implementation and the Monitoring of Results and Measurement of Benefits.


Clients are strongly recommended to train their own RCM facilitators, as this leads to greater ownership and long term management of the RCM process. However, many of our clients prefer to use contract facilitation, particularly in the early stages of RCM; this demonstrates what RCM can achieve in terms of plant performance, the review group dynamics, and how quickly RCM analyses can be completed by an experienced facilitator.


Hugh Colman is a time served Production Engineer. After completing his apprenticeship in 1971, he worked in manufacturing in the West Midlands. In 1978 he joined a firm of management consultants and has been involved in consultancy ever since. In 1986 he met John Moubray of the original Aladon business and became involved in Reliability Centred Maintenance. He joined Aladon in 1990 and worked with John Moubray until 2000, when he started his own business as a licensee of Moubray, specialising in the application of RCM and now, Reliability Centred Asset Management.

When not working as consultant, he prepares and races a historic Chevron B8 BMW; plays tennis and squash, and enjoys classical music.

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